Life is decisions.

Where we live, what we do, who we love, why we continue to exist. To a great extent, we decide our own purpose.

And while all of these decisions are ours to make, we cannot have our first choices all at once. Life is about picking one or the other — what we do orwhere we live. Who we are or who we love.

There are an infinite number of options, and they change daily. This means that we are the result of the choices we make. They’ll rip us apart and build us back up.

At the end of the day, we have to choose the outcome that will cause us the least pain and bring the most happiness. The two are forever intertwined; a package deal that comes with every single breath we take. This delicate chemistry of loss and gain controls our lives.

We kill 24 hours each day — 24 hours we’ll never get back. We hope that, when the sun sets, we can sleep with the decisions we’ve made during those hours. We hope that we can rise again for the next 24 stronger, and able to keep moving with the conviction that the choices we made were right.

Life is this giant bridge, one without rails, immersed by fog, hovering over a churning bay or ocean or river - depends on where you live, I suppose.

The point is this:

You can keep crossing, keep moving forward with the crowd, and someday you’ll reach the end. I hope what you find there is pleasing.

You can jump off and sink down, if you so choose. Make of that what you will. It’s not about giving up.

You can climb the spans, walk the beams, slip on a dewy surface or soak up a ray of sun above the clouds. Below you, everything will move on as planned. 

You can stop and enjoy the view, letting the hustle and flow of life move around you as you watch the water bend and twist in the light. You can stop for a moment with one of your fellow travelers, perhaps talk for a bit, let their hand grasp yours as you try to understand all that’s around you. 

What you cannot do is turn back. This is a one way bridge. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have forgotten what was at the genesis of this bridge. That is okay. You must simply keep moving forwards, toward the end - don’t spend too much trying to understand. You may crawl, walk, run, or skip. You may do things to slow your journey or speed it along; but you will always, always move forward.

I hope that you enjoy this journey.